Here at The Starting Nine I love baseball and I love stats. I have two goals; 1) to share what I believe to be interesting events and happenings through daily posts titled “On This Day In Baseball History:” and 2) to share my thoughts and ideas about all things baseball related through essay type articles like this and create conversation about the game through posts using lists such as this one or this one or this one.

I’m a native Iowan who now lives in Arkansas. I cannot remember a time when baseball wasn’t a big part of my life. The game started as a way for my brothers and I to spend time with our dad. Those Sunday afternoons fostered a love and appreciation for both my dad and the game. I hope to pass on my passion for the game to my two boys.


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  1. Using bad behavior to justify bad behavior doesn’t work here, so how do you reconcile why PEDS users belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Changing the playing field and knowing that you are doing wrong by hiding it is as good as acknowledging you did the wrong thing. I certainly admit that the baseball HOF has many morally corrupt enshrined inside on the walls, that does not mean more should join. As you claim to love the game of baseball why would you want to degrade it’s enshrinement? Should conversations and discussions of Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, and Barry Bonds take place, of coarse. All will be remembered as players that put up big numbers but they chose poorly and should purchase tickets to enter th Baseball Hall of Fame. The playing field should be always kept as even as possible and athletes should perform at their very natural best.


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